Sponsored Workshops

Pre Conference Workshop #1 – “Facial Reconstruction Re-imagined: Implementing Virtual Surgical Planning and Patient Specific Solutions in OMF practice”

Date: Wednesday 17 October 2018
Time: 1000 – 1830
Venue: Crown Perth, WA

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The course will demonstrate strategies to transition efficiently from the conventional approach in Orthognathics and Reconstruction procedures, to virtual planning and patient specific tools and implants. Experienced orthognathic surgeons will also share how they progressed their technique from using 3D printed splints only to incorporating 3D printed titanium plates in the maxilla and mandible. The course will also cover:

Pre Conference Workshop #2 – “How Far Can We Push Biomaterials?”

Date: Wednesday 17 October 2018
Time: 0900 – 1700
Venue: Crown Perth, WA

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Don’t miss out on an opportunity to attend the Hands-on Workshop presented by Dr Paul Stone entitled “How far can we push biomaterials?”. This lecture and hands-on course will give delegates the opportunity to review the range of treatment options available within Guided Bone Regeneration and will also speculate about likely future developments including CAD-CAM titanium mesh and Platelet Rich Fibrin. It will include several pig’s head practical exercises using tenting screws within the GBR technique, together with surgical tips for various aspects of bone regenerative surgery with biomaterials.

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Pre Conference Workshop #3 – “The Facial Skeleton: Approaches and Manoeuvres”

S.O.R.G Oceania

Date: Wednesday 17 October 2018
Time: 0900 – 1700
Venue: Clinical Training and Evaluation Centre, WA

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International Guest Speaker – Dr. Eric Dierks

Learning Objectives: Open approaches to the facial skeleton – including the excision of pathology, harvesting of grafts and resuspension of soft tissue.

Nobel Biocare Breakfast Symposium: 20 Years of Zygoma Implants, 10 Years of Quad Zygoma Implants

Date: Friday 19 October 2018
Time: 0700 – 0815
Venue: Studio 1, Crown Perth, WA

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There is now over twenty years of surgical implants into the zygoma. This presentation will review the original surgical protocol and the changes in surgical protocol that have led to immediate loading and immediate function of zygoma implants. The key surgical and prosthetic considerations for successful outcomes will be discussed. There have been changes both in the macro and micro structure of the zygoma implants. This presentation will outline how this has affected the surgical decision-making process. Virtual planning and CAD-CAM technology has led to significant improvements in diagnosis, treatment-planning and surgical management to minimise risk. Zygoma implants have had incredible success rates and these will be discussed along with management of complications.